Strategy, Insight, Leadership, and Performance

Welcome to Wilson Growth Partners!


Founded by Geoff Wilson and based in the beautiful upstate of South Carolina, we tap a broad network of talented professionals to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Our vision is to be the premier strategic advisory firm in the region.

Our mission is to improve our clients’ strategic positioning and enduring performance by providing practical strategic data, analysis, insight, and advice to top management.

Our capabilities and case history are both broad and deep. We bring a skillset applicable across sectors, and have depth in serving clients across the industrial, healthcare, tech, and private equity landscapes.

Service Lines

WGP serves clients with three models of service spanning from lighter / longer term counseling models to full strategic analysis teams across five Service Lines

  • Business and Corporate Strategy

    Our clients often ask two challenging questions:   Where do we take our current business, and how should we invest our corporate resources for growth and profitability? Through extensive top management and board level strategy formulation depth, we can deliver on both questions using highly tailored and structured approaches to strategy formulation, facilitation, and execution planning.

  • Functional Excellence

    In order to achieve strategic goals, our clients often need capacity to deliver on near term performance in a specific function or project.  With the ability to deliver excellent problem solving rigor, deep quantitative acumen, and disciplined program management, WGP stands ready to provide strong support on challenging functional topics.

  • Organization

    Often a critical step to implementing strategy is establishing the right organization structure. Through deep experience in facilitating the “strategy to structure” channel, we have the ability to support clients in designing and restructuring organizations to meet strategic needs, while also carrying the expertise to deliver on targeted talent development initiatives.

  • Structured Cost Analysis

    When clients have a real and immediate need to improve performance through structured action; our approaches to cost structure analysis and restructuring can provide an edge. By taking a highly structured view of a client’s cost structure we are able to provide an informed approach to profit improvement at a pace that meets the needs of a situation.

  • Business Intelligence

    Because we maintain a very strong set of analytical tools and data sources to support our consulting engagements, we can provide our clients with on-demand business intelligence, research, and analysis as a separate service line. Our concierge model is compelling for clients who desire an upgraded approach to business intelligence without the staff costs of obtaining it in-house.